What is included?

The Test Collection database contains information on over 3,750 items ranging from commercial tests to measures published in journals and books available at the UML Libraries.

    Searching for Tests & Measures
  1. If you know the complete name or only a few words of a specific test, enter it in the test name field.
  2. For authors with less common last names, enter the last name, otherwise type last name, first initial e.g. Smith, J.
  3. For subjects,
    • look through the linked subject list
    • copy the subject closest to what you want
    • paste the copied subject term into the subject field.

User Access

Usage of the commercial collection at the O'Leary Reserve Desk is restricted so that the validity of the tests is not compromised.

All commercial tests are "room use only" for students who have specific course assignments. Faculty may borrow items for designated time periods. Measures published in books kept in the O'Leary Reference stacks are " room use only" but may be photocopied as permitted by copyright.


Commercial tests purchased by the library are intended as samples for viewing. The copyright limitations are noted on most tests and usually forbid copying, either in whole or in part. Unless explicit permission is given in writing in the source publication, the copyright holder of an instrument must be contacted to request permission to reproduce, modify or use it in a study. Consent often will be given readily from individual authors.

If you need help tracking down the appropriate copyright holder for permission, see a reference librarian for assistance.